How Platincoin Works

There are various sectors which realize the so-called Assets and increase the company’s value. Another feature is a self-developed PLC secure box which is created for mining of coins.

Any years of Platincoins can get a return for the management E-centralized accounting of the Platincoins on the PLC secure box.  The PLC secure box doesn’t use much energy as your smartphone does. It is only slightly bigger than a Cigarette packet.

Upon joining you will be given access to the following.

  • PLC Network — in-house social network
  • PLC Market — e-commerce system
  • An “online platform with training content

Platincoin compensation plans:

After 12 months you get a return on investment of 10% return on the management of Platincoin.If you purchase the 1000 Euros Business package, you could have initially in May 2017 10,000 Platincoins in your PLC secure box at the price of 10 Euros.

At the 12th months, you will get 1000 Platincoins as a return. If the value of Platincoin is raised into 1 Euro, through the company’s activity, you would have received a 1000 Euro return. The previous and expensive mining, that is a Bitcoin can now easily be performed by every user through the PLC secure box.

Minting is the evolution of minting coins. 

Another interesting point is the spread of business packages. PLC Group AG uses network marketing and you receive a reward for each recommendation and you have a possibility to build up a network.

You can now manage Platincoin as an internal accounting unit in the company’s cryptosystem in a self-developed super thin eco-wallet.

The next new development is the PLC secure box where each user gets a 10% return in their own Platin coin account.

Now is the time to become a part of this worldwide success! Register now here: Platincoin Registration


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