Platincoin Dubai- A World Of New Opportunities

At last! The grand Platincoin event in Dubai has taken place but the fever seems to linger on.  The big event took place in one of the world’s prestigious business frontier- Atlantis Dubai!

Participants who worked hard in this business finally received their most-awaited rewards.  Due to their excellent work in the company, they were able to join this Grand Opening Event In Dubai.

The General Director of PLC was the one who personally handed over to them the awards and of course all the amazing prices from the whole team of Platincoin event organizers.

Prominent businessmen were all gathered to this event where amazing speakers including the Director himself was the one who hosted. He personally welcomed each participant with gifts and freebies.

The highlight of the event was, of course, the “White Party” at the prestigious hotel. Amazing performers made the whole evening dazzling.

According to Platincoin  ” The heart of the company (equipment, development, blockchain) will remain in Switzerland but all the financial activities, sales network marketing will be implemented through a new legal entity. Its headquarter is located in UAE. Dubai is the connecting link between Asia, Africa, and Europe. And we plan to organize the next PLATINCOIN Event exactly in this city. ”

That being said, there’s really so much to look forward to this ever progressive business network. It’s not just a business, it’s the force that lies behind that makes Platincoin a worldwide success. Looking back in Berlin, the day Platincoin was first launched people use to say; “See you in Berlin”. Today they will tell you: “See you in Dubai!”.

There’s certainly more to expect in store for Platincoin. While Berlin started it all, Dubai just put the fire in the torch! It’s now your turn to start your Platincoin business and become a worldwide successful participant. We look forward to seeing you next year.



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